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Posted by Bnbigus - June 7th, 2019

GET IT FOR FREE HERE: https://www.patreon.com/posts/la-bete-version-27462941

 I skipped public version 7 last month since it was to small and broken to release without getting feedback first, so this update is even more packed for those who aren't patreon's! 

Big update this month! I'm happy how the new dialogue system works and how much better the character interaction have gotten! I'm gonna have to go back and had it to all characters and we'll be doing that slowly over the next months. I've also created a system to switch the music on certain scenes so the mood is better.

Also redesigned the hotel to make it even bigger and an actual complete building.

Game chanlog V.8

-2 new guys (Shinning armor - mlp, Lucario - Pokemon) 

-1 new girl (Rarity - Mlp)

-6 new animations (2 nicole watterson, Shinning Armor, Sienna, Rarity, Lucario)

-2 Pinups (Rarity, Lucario)

-Gallery mode for patreons

-Reworked the hotel to make it an entire building, with more roofs and basements

 -Fixed bug where you could still select some characters even if you switched their categories off and they were invisible 

-Bug where rarity wasn't considered in the "pony" category

-Tons of typos and dialogue rework

-Added intro lore

-Better Main menu with moving parts

-Some ui changes in the dialogue

-New rooms (pool, casino, bathroom)

-Ability to move around the hotel with the arrow keys

-New sprites for jenny and lily

-Painting of the Big Beef

-Introduced a new dialogue system to make the characters feel more alive

-Introduced a new music system to change music depending on the scene.


Posted by Bnbigus - April 5th, 2019

GET IT FOR FREE HERE: https://www.patreon.com/posts/la-bete-version-25896583

We have 13 Characters now, this place is starting to get packed!

That's why this huuugge update focuses on expending the building and giving it some personality! I think I bit off more than I could chew but I still push through and managed get something I'm proud of.

We had some great feedback last time that helped improve the game, so keep it coming!

Remember if you are a patreon you can either give yourself money by holding K and pressing up or playing the Leisure Mode.

Game chanlog V.6

-The entire game can now be played with the mouse! This was the most requested feature, I guess your other hand was busy doing something. You can now click and drag the map and zoom in or out with the mouse wheel. The work mini game can now be completed by clicking the bottle. 

-2 new girls (Lily - OC, Jenny Wakeman - My life as a teenage robot)

-2 new pinups

-3 new animations

-Branching path for Pinkie to chose between different scenes

-Guest book to show patreons names

-New and improved sex sounds

-Added elevators to make the building feel more believable.

-Completely redone Ui to give it more POP!

-New building layout. Lots of people told me the building was a bit boring. Now it should look more fantastical and imaginative!

-Reworked the progression pace. The game feels more balanced and gets progressively harder. Takes about 25 to 35 min to complete depending on your skill level.

-New rooms! The staff room, the garden and the vault (currently not used)

-Each room now has 5 levels of upgrade, making the game feel bigger and more rewarding.

-Weird portal thingy. Don't worry it's for future story elements.

-Fixed bug where you could still click the characters even if you toggle off their race type in the menu


Posted by Bnbigus - February 20th, 2019

If you wanna try out the new version of the game you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/la-bete-version-24840719

Game chanlog V.5

-2 new girls with animations

-3 new pinups

-Option to mute the music by pressing 'M'

-Patreon Mode to skip the game part

-Better display of character information

-Reworked dialogue UI

-Better UI control during the sex scenes that prevent accidental skip or confusion

-Sounds for every animation

-Remastered Undyne Animation

Feedback is always appreciated and helps me greatly. Hope you like the new stuff!


Posted by Bnbigus - December 21st, 2018

Build 003 of the game is out. Check the game here : https://www.patreon.com/posts/build-0-003-23454944

Posted by Bnbigus - December 13th, 2018

To those that asked, commission price are as followed:

Full animation with sound, background, idle-penetration-cum cycle and fancy cameras are around 250.




If applicable, the commission will be included in the game!